Friday, November 14, 2008

Somebody 'splain this to me

Rick Santorum (former Republican U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania) most likely voted for John McCain this past election. The guy lost. We all know this, and there's nothing that anyone can do about that.

And yet, Mr. and Mrs. Santorum's absentee ballots are being challenged on the grounds that they're not actually residents of Penn Hills.

Round two of Vecchio versus Santorum takes place today at the Allegheny County elections offices, with the former senator's Nov. 5 absentee ballot under challenge by a Penn Hills couple determined to prove that he doesn't live there.

In one corner are Rick and Karen Santorum, who list a legal address in Penn Hills but have resided in northern Virginia. The former U.S. senator declines to say precisely where in hopes of warding off his enemies.

In the other corner is Ed Vecchio who, with his wife, Penn Hills Democratic Chairwoman Erin Vecchio, tried two years ago to prevent the Santorums from voting in Penn Hills, saying they don't really reside there and that the home they own in that municipality was rented to another family.

This time the Santorums voted absentee. Ed Vecchio said he paid $10 apiece to challenge each ballot.

As ever, each side has only the warmest of feelings.

"Let him prove it otherwise. The guy's a weasel," said Mr. Vecchio.

And I ask you: so what? What purpose does it serve to remove two votes from an election that can't be re-decided anyway? And is Mr. Vecchio tracking down any other ballots from folks he finds to be undesirable? I'd be willing to bet that I'm right on the answer to that last question.

I think it's pretty plain who the weasel is here. Hope you get your twenty bucks' worth, Ed.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good enough for the goose

Shook his hand. Had photos taken with him. Presented him with a custom Steeler jersey. But apparently they don't like his policies all that much:

Four Rooney brothers are working on details of an agreement to sell their shares to brother Dan Rooney and his son, Art II, and to get NFL approval by the end of the year.


The brothers want to have a sales agreement and get NFL approval for it by the end of 2008 because of the extra tax consequences they believe will be introduced retroactively to the beginning of 2009 by the new Obama presidential administration and Congress.

This is an odd stance to take now. Where was your anti-tax stance a month ago?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another article that seems oddly timed

This article on CNN is oddly timed, just like the last one I reported. Three days ago, it was taboo to talk about Mr. Bush in anything other than a bad light. Now this piece says that maybe, just maybe, he'll be viewed more positively as Obama transitions into the Oval Office.

Again, where was this sort of thing two weeks ago?

And they wonder why we cry "bias!"

Where was this article during the election? I'll tell you where: sitting on someone's desk because it would cast Republicans in general (and McCain in particular) in a positive light. You may think that's crazy but since the Left was busy painting McCain to be George W. Bush's evil twin, this kind of news needed to stay in the desk drawer until it could do no good for anyone.

Headline: Bush admin. makes immigration strides in 2008

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government arrested and deported record numbers of illegal immigrants — nearly 350,000 — in the past year, authorities say. It has also naturalized a record number of new Americans during the same time period, more than 1 million. Bush administration officials consider these to be great accomplishments within a system that President-elect Obama calls "broken and overwhelmed" on his transition Web site.

Had this article seen the light of day two weeks ago, there would have been something else to talk about during the campaign. And that something just might have been good for the Conservative movement. We can't have that, can we?