Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Even more stone age society news

A six-year-old girl, walking a path that is traditionally reserved for a higher class of citizen, was acosted by a teen ager and thrown onto a fire because she didn't deserve to take that path.

(CNN) -- A man, incensed that a six-year-old girl chose to walk through a path reserved for upper caste villagers, pushed her into burning embers, police in north India said Wednesday. She was seriously burned.

The girl is a Dalit, or an "untouchable," according to India's traditional caste system.

India's constitution outlaws caste-based discrimination, and barriers have broken down in large cities. Prejudice, however, persists in some rural areas of the country.

The girl was walking with her mother down a path in the city of Mathura when she was accosted by a man in his late teens, said police superintendent R.K. Chaturvedi.

The sooner we rid the world of silly notions like castes, the happier we'll all be.