Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy spin!

Last night, Pennsylvanians voted on a referendum that would increase income tax and potentially decrease property taxes as an offset. It was called "Special Session Act 1 of 2006", and it was soundly defeated.

But that isn't the real story. What really irks me about the article is Governor Rendell's response:

Gov. Ed Rendell had pushed hard for the referenda. His spokesman, Chuck Erdo, said, "The governor doesn't believe that the defeat of the local tax shifting question is an indication of anything other than confusion."

He added, "Many voters didn't have the information they needed to make a good choice."

Translation: It's not that the people decided that the measure was a bad idea. We just didn't get our message out.

A taller and steamier pile of dung I've not seen in all my thirty-six years. In effect, their stated position on the outcome is that the electorate is stupid and can't be trusted to think on its own. Of course, their view is the reverse when Democrats (or Democratically sponsored initiatives) are voted in.

I'll bet those folks living in the quieter rural areas of Pennsylvania can put their ears to the ground and hear our founding fathers slowly rolling in their coffins over this one.

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Bluey said...

What kills me with Democrats in general is that they offer no leadership. If they think that something is advantageous to the populace, make the changes. That's what you were elected to do. Instead we get endless referendums and leave the decisions in the hands of voters.

Using that logic, can't we just run the entire government by referendum?

Do your fucking jobs, have a goddamn spine and make the changes you believe in. That's what you are elected for.

Politicians across the board worry more about their own re-election than their constituency, but the Dems really need to show some leadership already.

By the way, a poll today showed 64% DISAPPROVAL in the way congress is conducting business.

So much for the Dems having an answer.