Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The things we talk about at work

One of my coworkers is a huge fan of HBO's Big Love series (Bill Paxton, polygamy, you get the picture), and conversations about the show always lead to polygamy. We decided as a group that polygamy just doesn't make a lot of sense. Really, who needs more than one "honeydew" list? And just how would you work out things like living wills, powers of attorney, and deciding who is the benificiary of your life insurance?

After a time, this discussion migrated toward its natural end: the NHL. We decided that just as polygamy is a bad thing for America, so is NHL expansion into areas of the country that aren't naturally covered in ice for part of the year. We feel pretty strongly that hockey should not be played in places like Arizona, southern Texas and Florida. Hey, we don't have championship rodeo and frog-gigging contests up north here, so please leave the hockey to us.

Yeah, it's starting to look like a slow day here at the office.

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