Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stupidity in media

If you've been shacking up with bin Laden over the last few days, you probably missed out on the exhaustive media coverage of Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle crash. The rest of us in western Pennsylvania did not, I can tell you, because we're all fervently praying for "one for the OTHER thumb" in 2007.

The most interesting aspect of all of the coverage is how the media is driving local watercooler discussions, rather than just feeding them content. An excellent example is this headline from today's post-gazette.com:

Ben's case unlikely to change Pa.'s helmet law

This is an obvious "well, duh!" moment if ever I've seen one. Of course it isn't going to change the law. Even if Ben's gourd had been broken into three pieces that resembled Donovan McNabb (though you can bet that goldenpalace.com would have paid top dollar for them), the law would still be there the next morning, month, and year.

Just another example of how the media thinks we're all stupid.

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