Saturday, December 31, 2005

My current addiction

is Lunascape, a European group with a lead singer who sounds like the second coming of Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries and looks like Claire Danes. I'm always amazed at the one-inch punch that those spritely European women produce with their voices.

You might also like Tristeza, a group that deserves a better classification than the "Alternative" label they've been given on iTunes. IMHO, they're 1/3 jazz, 1/3 techno and the rest a concoction of prog rock and ambient. Very cool and bordering on danceable.

The best investment I've ever made was a subscription to Echoes Online, a PRI radio show that expanded onto the web a couple years ago. It has turned me onto more cool new music than any conventional radio station ever has.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Where have all the cowgirls gone? (apologies to Paula Cole)

So I've got this buddy (we'll call him Fred) who is having trouble meeting a woman that isn't totally insecure or carrying knives.

Fred's in his mid-30s and a likeable sort. He doesn't smoke or do drugs and he has a solid head on his shoulders. We've had tons of great conversations and he loves to have a good time. He's in shape, of above average height and intelligence, and he has money in his pocket. In short, there's nothing wrong with this guy, other than the fact that he must have some invisible mark on his soul that says "PISS OFF".

On the other hand, there's me. I'm short, round, balding and ill-tempered, and somehow I found a wife and we have a new baby. If anybody ought to be flypaper for the wrong sort of women, it should be me.

So where did Fred go wrong? Any women out there inclined to share why they find perfectly normal men unattractive?